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"Leave It!" 13 Things Dogs Most Definitely Should Not Eat on the Trail (And Why)

Dogs are naturally curious and, for better or worse, they explore the world mouth first. Our trail dogs are particularly vulnerable to eating the wrong things simply because they’re exposed to so much more than the average backyard pup. While some things that your dog may encounter (and consume) are pretty harmless (wild strawberries and peanut butter sandwich remnants, for instance), there are other things that can cause major problems for Fido. We chatted with the veterinary team at 360 Pet Medical in Bozeman, Montana, about what they see, and it’s common for trail dogs to come into contact with or ingest dangerous items. Here’s what’s on their no-chomp list:

How to Prepare Your Dog When You're Expecting

Are you expecting your first child or plan on adopting, but you’re worried about how your dog might react towards their new sibling? Or maybe you’re just hoping to be better prepared this time around. We talked to Dominika Knossalla-Pado, of IG account Dog Meets Baby, an expert certified dog trainer that specializes in working with dogs and children. She even has full online courses and resources to help families prepare their dogs for welcoming a newborn into the home called Dog Meets Baby.

We Ask A Dog Trainer - How to Improve Your Dog's Leash Walking Skills

Is your dog not the best walker on a leash? Do you often hear people yelling ‘who's walking who!?’ as your dog zigzags all over the sidewalk while you’re yanking on their leash? Getting your dog to walk politely isn’t an easy feat, nor is it their natural instinct. So if you're looking for advice on how to stop your dog from yanking your arm out of your socket, you have come to the right place!

Episode 13: BEST Friends on a Pow Day
When avy conditions are high, we've only got a short amount of time, or our dogs are getting long in the tooth... cross country skiing is the jam. Not too big, not too fast, but the perfect chill day on...
How to Train Your Dog to Wear Booties

Getting your dog to wear their booties is not always an easy feet (← hehe see what we did there). So we compiled some tips and tricks to train them to wear their dog booties in no time!

Episode 12: Winter Braaps
"Windows down; wind in my ears... it's gonna be a GOOD day!" Zephyr loves running alongside his human in the flats when they go sledding. Sometimes she'll even ride right up on the snowmobile! This rad dog stays warm in the cold with her Wilderdog fleece jacket on. Cheers, doggies!
The Team's Favorite Hiking Trails
The Wilderdog team shares some of their favorite hiking trails - along with the pros, cons, and some awesome pro-tips should you decide to hike them too! Wherever you hike, don't forget to pack enough food, water, and of course, all the essential Wilderdog gear. Happy Trails!
Wilderdog x Jiminy's = 7,000 Lbs of Kibble Donated
For the month of August we teamed up with Jiminy’s, an insect-based dog food, to donate 7,000 pounds of Jiminy’s Good Grub Dog Food to our August Purchase for a Pound recipient, 4 Dog Farms, a Southern California based rescue that saves and rehabilitates dogs before placing them in their forever homes. This donation provided a three month supply of dog food to 4 Dog Farms and allowed their staff to focus on what they do best (rescue and rehabilitation), without having to worry about the rescue pups’ next meal.
Episode 11: Neptune Doesn't Ski
Pro skier Malou Peterson's dog Neptune wishes she could shred as hard as Malou. But, her legs are a little short for the steep lines and deep pow. They have fun aprés-skiing in the valley anyways while Neptune works on her 360s. Cheers to another great day in the mountains.
Hiking 101: Must-Have Gear for Your Dog

Whether it’s your first hike with your dog or you're a seasoned pro, we know that gear matters!  Even if you and your pup have traveled many trails together, it’s likely you’ve found yourself forgetting something a mile down the path. (We’ve all been there!) Not to worry, we've got you covered! We'll dive into the benefits of hiking with your dog, pre-hiking preparations you'll want to consider, and we’ll share the ultimate dog hiking list. You can use this handy packing list to make sure you have all the essentials for your next adventure with your four-legged best friend! 

All Aboard! A Step-by-Step Guide for Boating with Your Dog
The dog days of summer are here, and sometimes it’s just too hot to hit your favorite trails. So what’s better than getting out on the water with your favorite first mate – your pup! Whether you’re paddleboarding, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, motorboating, or even houseboating, you know it’ll be more fun with your dog by your side. If you have always wanted to take your four-legged aboard, look no further. We created a step-by-step guide.
The Best Truffle Hunters Have Four Legs and a Keen Sense for Finding Treasure
What if a hike with your dog through the woods yielded a delicious treasure? Nope, not sticks, though your dog might think that is the ultimate reward. Lately, truffle hunters' best assets are their four-legged pals - their dogs! Yup, that's right, with the appropriate training, dogs are the perfect mushroom hunters.
Trail Etiquette 101: A Guide for Hiking with Your Dog
There are so many reasons why our trails are some of the best places to adventure with our dogs. And on especially great hikes, we're usually not the only ones on the trail - hikers, bikers, backpackers, horseback riders, and of course, dogs, all have the same rights to use the same trails, unless otherwise specified. By being good stewards of the outdoors and following good trail etiquette, we can all enjoy these beautiful spaces together.
Episode 10: Such Little Time for So Many Adventures
Rodney and Piggy brainstorm about what they can get up to today. Paddleboarding, mountain biking, skiing, hiking, or maybe just snoozin' in the house.
Trail Tips: The Dangers of Foxtails for Your Dog & How to Protect Them

The Ugly Hitchhikers. We’re not talking about people on the side of the road looking for a free ride; that might make a little more sense, but what we’re talking about is foxtail grass. These seemingly innocent seeds will catch a ride on anything passing by – a mechanism that has helped them become a highly successful invasive species. You have probably felt one of these pesky weeds in your sock while hiking, and they sure are annoying. But for our dogs, they can be pretty bad news. “The potential to cause serious damage is low, but when it does, it can be catastrophic,” said Dr. Sonni Gilbert, DVM in Heron, Montana.

Staying Hydrated: 3 Ways to Get Your Dog to Drink More Water on Hikes
Summer is almost here, and you and your furry friend have been chomping at the bit to get back on the trail. Hikes are a great way to get your pup the exercise they need while being outdoors. But with the distraction of new surroundings and new smells, your dog might turn their nose to a water break – even if you know they are thirsty.
Episode 9: 'SUP dog?!
When Moss sees the waterproof gear come out, he knows he's about to go on an adventure to the water.
Adventuring with a Deaf Dog
Does a dog still bark at the mail-person if they can't hear him? The answer is still 'yup!', from a deaf dog's owner! Christa adopted Mango from Hearts for Paws Rescue after she fell in love with the hearing-impaired pup...
Episode 8: Evening Fat Tires

Opie's two favorite things: snow and bikes. Actually, make that three - his human.

5 Things to Know Before Backpacking With Your Dog
Whether you’re a seasoned thru-hiker or a first-time adventurer, you want your best friend beside you. We don’t blame you! Katie Houston is an avid thru-hiker, with a goal of hiking 10,000 miles by the time she turns 25. (She's...
Episode 7: Ski and (Dog) Party

Why walk the dogs when you can ski the dogs!