Which leash is best for my dog?

Which leash is best for my dog?

We get it - we have so many different leash options it can be tough to choose the best one for your dog. Check out our handy guide below to see the pros and cons of each leash -



5' Big Carabiner Rope Leash

10' Big Carabiner Rope Leash

Quick Clip Rope Leash

Small Carabiner Rope Leash

Slip Lead

Waterproof Leash

Rope Length

5' 10' 5' 5' 5' 6'

Leash Width

3/8" 3/8" 5/16" 5/16" 3/8" 1"

Leash Weight

6.4 oz 9.1 oz 4.7 oz 4.1 oz 5.6 oz 6 oz


Fits This Size Dog*

25 lbs and up 25 lbs and up up to 50 lbs up to 25 lbs 20 lbs and up all sizes



Contains Metal?




*Fits this size dog = This is a general recommendation. Dogs who are smaller and bigger than the recommended weights can certainly use the leash of your choice.

Big Carabiner Rope Leash

Our original product, the Big Carabiner Rope Leash is available in a 5' or a 10' length. This is our best selling leash, and with good reason! The big carabiner leash is incredibly versatile because of the infinite number of configurations you can make with the rope and carabiner. We made a handy Rope Tutorial page to see them all »

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Quick Clip Rope Leash

The quick clip was created for the dog owners looking for a swivel clip for dogs that are still working on their leash skills. This leash has a thinner rope at 5/16".

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Small Carabiner Rope Leash

For the toughest little adventure dogs, we created a mini version of the original big carabiner leash. This rope is a big thinner at 5/16", and the carabiner is much smaller, at only 0.5 oz, so it won't weigh down your pup. You can replicate some of the Rope Tutorials with the small carabiner leash, but your pup might be a little close to the ground to make them all work perfectly.

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Slip Lead

The slip lead is a unique leash made for specific purposes - such as training, dog walkers, doggie daycares, and rescue. We like to keep an extra one in our car to easily leash up a lost dog when we see them. The leash slips over the dogs head, acting like a collar as well, and will tighten on the dog's neck when the dog pulls. The leash does not have a stopper, but you can tie one in with an additional knot. The rope is 5 feet in length from end to end, but will be shorter depending on how big your dog's neck is. If you are unsure if the slip lead is for you - go with a different leash!

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Waterproof Leash

The waterproof leash is our only non-rope leash, made with a buttery soft waterproof coating. The waterproof leash is a bit longer than our shorter leashes at 6 feet, and has a traditional leash clip. All of our leashes can get wet, but this is the only leash that is made for water adventures.

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