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Episode 4: Cragdoggin'

Opie tags along with his climber pals for a day at the crag. He does a great job coaching everyone up some hard routes, and maybe spraying some beta too.

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First Responder Therapy Dogs

2021 fire season has been a rough one for Wilderdog here in Northern California. We certainly had a heightened awareness of wildfires after the Tamarack Fire and then the Caldor Fire forced us to evacuate our homes. We have unending gratitude to the incredible first responders who saved our community - fire fighters, police officers, aircraft operators, utility workers, paramedics, and everyone else who worked their tails off. We also learned about another type of first responder, one with four paws and a tail, and they are First Responder Therapy Dogs!

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Cragdoggin' with Pro Climber Sasha DiGiulian (+ Moose)

If you're not in the rock climbing world, you might not know who Sasha DiGiulian is, but I'll bet you're familiar with the little rock climbing emoji - 🧗. That, my friends, is Sasha herself. (If you are a climber, you most definitely know who Sasha is). But we're really here for Sasha's dog, Moose-Chaga!

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Wolf + Dog = Wolfdog

Recently we've seen a number of 'Wolfdog' references pop up (mostly from Instagram influencers). But, are they really wolfdogs, or are they just huskies, who happen to look a little like our canine ancestors? Are wolfdogs even legal? We set out to do the research and figure out what was up with wolfdogs.

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