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How to Find a Dog-Friendly Campsite
Camping with your dog seems as natural as breathing with your lungs, but to our great dismay, dogs aren’t always allowed in all of the places. So, if you’re dead set on bringing your little buddy (and obviously you are) here’s how to find out where you can camp together with your dog.
Trainer Tips: 3 Ways to Get Your Dog to Walk Better on a Leash

If walking your dog requires you to shift into a whole new headspace - maybe something like “no pain, no gain” - first of all, we applaud your grit and fortitude. But also, your dog could probably use a little help with those leash skills. Dog trainer Corinne Fritzell loves helping dogs and their humans improve their leash skills. She explains what the deal is with dogs and leashes, and give us a few tips on how to make on-leash adventures more fun for you and your dog.

Your Dog's Zodiac Sign, Explained
Do you even know your dog? We do. Use their birthday to find their zodiac sign and tell us that isn't your dog to a T. 
New Dog? Make Sure You Get What You Need!
We think getting a new dog is very much the best major life event. It’s also one that necessitates quite a few purchases. May we suggest sending this post to a few of your favorite people, who obviously love you and your future dog, with a little ‘hint, hint?’
Inmates & shelter dogs rescue each other
Most people who are incarcerated will eventually be released back into society, so helping them to develop more empathy, patience, and a capacity to care for others seems like a no-brainer. But how do we do this? Well, working with dogs has been shown to accomplish all of the above - specifically through the comprehensive canine-inmate training program Pawsitive Change.
What is “perfect recall” and why do you need it?
Dogs love to be outside. More than that, they love to run free outside. But while off-leash may be your dog’s natural and preferred state, that doesn’t mean they’re naturally good at being off-leash. Giving your dog the freedom to frolic comes with some inherent risk - think other dogs, wildlife, and distracted drivers. Poor off-leash behavior can pack some pretty heavy consequences. That’s where perfect recall comes in: If you’re going to let your dog roam free - in a safe area! - you need to trust that your dog will be right back at your side when you recall them.
Episode 19: How Do You Walk Your Dog?
For Stephanie, Nelly, and Enzo, 'mountain strolls' look a little bit different. The dogs carry all their gear in their Wilderdog Backpacks while their owner rides her dirt bike alongside them. The best part? The summit views, for sure.
How to Microadventure with Your Dog

Tips from the Microadventure Master Himself, Alastair Humphreys. Even though it may feel like every adventure should be bigger and better than the last, we’re here to tell you that’s not the case. While we clearly love a good macroadventure, we don’t always have the resources (including time!) to undertake them as often as we would like. And, fyi, your dog doesn’t really care how big or small the adventure is.

Episode 18: Canoe Co-Captains
Sun's out, canoe's prepped, time for another day of chilling out on the lake. Hemi gives Christa a 7/10 for paddle skills, and an 11/10 for pets. Another perfect day on the water for these besties. And of course, they never leave shore without their Wilderdog gear.
The Official Backpacking-With-Your-Dog Checklist
Whether you’re a seasoned backpacker or more of a day hiker with overnight ambitions, backpacking with another animal is, well, a whole other animal. There’s a lot to consider, so we asked for some help from Becca and Gavin, also known by their trail names: “Hazel’s Mom” and “Hazel’s Dad.” Hazel’s Mom and Dad are currently thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail with their dog - and yes, she’s named Hazel.
Episode 17: Small Legs, Big Adventures
Percy shows us that it's not the size of the dog that matters, it's the fun of the adventures. Come along with Percy and Mat as they go for a boat, a paddle, and a dirt bike ride together. Bandana, bandeau - hey, whatever keeps you cool! "The point is this: Even those of us with little legs have grand adventures."
Hit the Single Track with Your Dog! A Q&A with MTBer Jess Hana
Jess Hana (@jessthemaker) is known for her hilarious and relatable mountain biking videos. She and her partner live in Bentonville, Arkansas, with their two trail dogs, Cooper and Cash. With hundreds of miles of spectacularly varied trails, Bentonville is known...
Trail Tips: Staying Safe in the Wilderness

When we think about dangerous animal encounters, grizzlies and cougars usually come to mind, but even a dog who takes off after a squirrel can find itself in a life-or-death situation. Mastering the “emergency down” and “heel” commands will help your dog (and others) stay safe when you come nose to nose with unexpected critters.

Trainer Tips: Teach your Dogs "Place"
How to teach your dog the “place” command - the perfect way to let them know that this Sleeping Bag is their very own place, no matter where it happens to be.
Trail Tips: The Blood-Suckers known as TICKS
How to prevent tick bites and what to do if you find a tick on your dog.  Ticks are blood-sucking arachnids that spread a whole host of diseases - what’s not to like? JUST KIDDING, ticks are the worst. And...
Episode 16: My Dad is Rad
"Ready to get shreddy?" Indy and his dad Benoit like to hit the skate park on the weekends. Indy is the perfect skate buddy, and he thinks his dad is the coolest. Come with them to see some sick tricks and good snacks (for the dog).
Episode 15: Lenny + Michelle
Lenny and Michelle's extraordinary journey began five years ago when Michelle (the human) rescued Lenny (the dog) from a pretty tough life. Since then, they have become inseparable companions. While skydiving remains Michelle's solo pursuit, their shared adventures include bike...
ARK119: Saving Korean Dogs From Slaughterhouses
Wilderdog’s May Purchase for a Pound Recipient, Animal Rescue Korea (ARK) 119, is helping Korea keep dogs out of slaughterhouses and off the streets. In 2010, Young Ki Lim was working with a South Korean human rights organization when he...
Episode 14: What the Heck's a Snow Skate?
"You know, a snow skate, where you skate on the snow. Wayyyy better than a regular walk." Enzo, Nelson, and their human take a slightly different mode of transportation on their after-work walks up in BC, Canada.
Pack it In, Pack it Out (Yes, Including the 💩💩)

A Helpful FAQ for the Poop-Packing Skeptic. We recently connected with Ross Reid, aka @nerdyaboutnature, to learn why packing out your pup’s poop is not only critical trail etiquette, but also a heroic act of environmentalism. Ross explains, “These ecosystems are already having a hard time as a result of all the other silly things us humans do, and the last thing they need is to be dealing with your dog’s dookie on top of it all.” Read on for some completely made-up questions that are probably asked (or at least thought) frequently, along with our answers, informed by Ross’s expertise.

Meet the First Dog to Walk Around the World
Rescue dog Savannah became the first dog to circumnavigate the globe — on foot — in May 2022, after walking 25,000 miles with her human, Tom Turcich. After eight years of saving and planning, in April 2015, Tom Turcich left...