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Meet Puma, the African Anti-Poaching K9 Unit

While most of our dogs' jobs include lounging on the sofa, begging for treats, and putting up with too many snuggles, some dogs have actual jobs. Service dogs, K9 dogs, search and rescue dogs, the list of dogs with cool jobs goes on. Have you ever heard of a conservation dog doing important anti-poaching work? We hadn't either, until we met Puma!

We sat down (virtually, on opposite sides of the world), with Puma and his owner James to find out more about what this incredible dog does.

Helping the Homeless and their Dogs
Here at Wilderdog, we are proud to help out homeless dogs through our Purchase for a Pound program. If you're not yet familiar, we donate one pound of kibble for every purchase made on In July we did something...
Oh the Places She Goes!
Mom, dad, two (human) brothers, and a 1978 Mercedes 508D Fire Truck is my home. We embarked on an 18 month trip around the US, heading down towards Argentina. Here is my (Lola the dog's story)...
Solo Camping: Just a Woman + Her Dog
Solo adventuring teaches you to disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself and with nature. It reminds you to find happiness in the simple things. It hones in on your skills and shows you where you can work to improve. And it most definitely builds your confidence.
Helping Paws: Therapy + Emotional Support Dogs
Dogs have been lending a helping paw to humans for thousands of years. Herding, search and rescue, retrieving... But it's no secret that dogs also have a real talent for emotional support. Who hasn't come home after a long day,...
Trailrunning with Pippin
Hey guys, my name is Emily and I am a distance runner based in Auburn, California. Recently, I introduced my dog Pippin to trail running. I’d like to take you along with us on one of our adventures... The sun...
Tales of a failed SUPing adventure
With Amos by my side, I resolved to do things differently with him. I would no longer wait for an ideal time in my life to chase adventure with him... wait for some mystical time when I had time and money and all the other things we think we need to begin living.
But, don't you want to adopt them all?
Our good friend Adrienne has fostered over TWENTY dogs in the past two years. She works with Hearts for Paws (our April Purchase for a Pound recipient) to pull the neediest dogs from shelters to give them a place to rest while they find their forever home.
Wilderdoggin' at home
They may not really understand why, but our dogs are LOVING having us all at home more these days. And we know you love having more time with your four-legged best friend too! But if you’re running out of ideas of how to stay occupied during the increased home time, we’ve got you covered.
Road Tripping - Canada to Mexico in a truck with a pup

Ever had one of those dream trips that seems so out of reach you think it will never happen? My name is Sydney, and a few months ago my little family, and our pup Ollie packed up our truck in Canada and drove all the way to Mexico...10,000 km’s in three weeks!

The newest member of the pack... Wilderbaby!
Dear Dog-Diary, The humans brought me home a very small, very hairless puppy. I was not pleased at first. However, after some time (and once she started eating solid food), we've been able to overcome our differences.
National Parks With the Pups
Here in the U.S., we enjoy access to over sixty wilderness areas protected as National Parks. That’s 84 million acres of jaw-dropping vistas filled with mountains, canyons, streams, forests, and meadows, all over the country. That’s enough to get anyone’s exploration blood pumping! And if you’re like us, exploring these areas just wouldn’t be the same without your (wilder)dog.
Small Apartments, Big City Living (with Big Dogs)!

If we asked our dogs where their number one choice to live is, we know their first answer would be 'wherever you are'! Well, they would probably prefer living leash-free on BLM land, chasing small animals and pooping wherever they want (but only if we were there, too). However, us humans live in all different types of places, ranging from small city apartments to big cabins with tons of forestland. And, dogs can thrive anywhere! Some just require a little more planning to make them happy. Meet Aimee + Bolt, the pitbull rescue living in San Francisco, and making small homes with big dogs work out incredibly well.

Behind the Scenes with our Rope Makers!
Did you know the ropes we use for leashes and collars are designed by us at Wilderdog and were made right here in California? It's true! We went behind the scenes with our awesome rope makers at their family business to give a glimpse into what goes into the finished leashes and collars your pups wear on their adventures.
Big Adventures + Big Responsibilities: Being Good Stewards of our Environment
Here are Wilderdog, we are ALL ABOUT getting out there with your pups. Peak-bagging, alpine-swimming, pow-slashing days are what it's all about. But with these big adventures comes big responsibility, and we all need to do our part to become good stewards of our environment - taking care of our incredible lands and insisting others do the same so we have these special places for years to come.
Ollie's First Backpacking Trip: A Trip Report
Ollie and Sydney hit the trails for the first time with their overnight packs and had a blast on their 22km, 3-day trek into the woods on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
Clover: The Ranch-Dog-School Flunkout
It's true, Clover flunked out of ranch dog school. I won’t go through a laundry list of her unsuitable qualities for ranch life (but laying down in front of large equipment comes to mind). By the time we adopted her, she was about five, and more of an accessory to the ranch-dog pack than a contributing member of it.
Introducing... WILDERCAT!
The time has come for cats to be recognized as the ferocious forest beasts they are. They're ready to let the world know - enough is enough! They deserve the same outdoor adventures their canine brothers get. Thru-hikes, backcountry ski...
FREE Camping Mug!
Camping season is upon us! Get your free Wilderdog Rise and Shine mug with any leash or collar purchase, today (3/22/19) only!
Camping with the Canines!
Camping season is just around the corner! Whether you're car camping or backpacking, there are always a few extra steps to take when your canine friends come along for the adventure. Our friends Miranda and Loki are here with some tips on how to successfully get your pup out there in your tent, whether you're driving in or hiking in. Happy trails!
Adding more dogs to your pack!
So, you want to get a dog. Maybe it's your first, or maybe it's your third or fourth! Bringing home a new pup is always a super exciting time. Who doesn't love more dogs! There are many things to consider when getting a new dog, and we've got some tips from our March Purchase for a Pound recipient, Hearts for Paws Rescue, on adopting your next pack member!