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How to Microadventure with Your Dog

Tips from the Microadventure Master Himself, Alastair Humphreys. Even though it may feel like every adventure should be bigger and better than the last, we’re here to tell you that’s not the case. While we clearly love a good macroadventure, we don’t always have the resources (including time!) to undertake them as often as we would like. And, fyi, your dog doesn’t really care how big or small the adventure is.

The Official Backpacking-With-Your-Dog Checklist
Whether you’re a seasoned backpacker or more of a day hiker with overnight ambitions, backpacking with another animal is, well, a whole other animal. There’s a lot to consider, so we asked for some help from Becca and Gavin, also known by their trail names: “Hazel’s Mom” and “Hazel’s Dad.” Hazel’s Mom and Dad are currently thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail with their dog - and yes, she’s named Hazel.
Hit the Single Track with Your Dog! A Q&A with MTBer Jess Hana
Jess Hana (@jessthemaker) is known for her hilarious and relatable mountain biking videos. She and her partner live in Bentonville, Arkansas, with their two trail dogs, Cooper and Cash. With hundreds of miles of spectacularly varied trails, Bentonville is known...
Episode 11: Neptune Doesn't Ski
Pro skier Malou Peterson's dog Neptune wishes she could shred as hard as Malou. But, her legs are a little short for the steep lines and deep pow. They have fun aprés-skiing in the valley anyways while Neptune works on her 360s. Cheers to another great day in the mountains.
The Best Truffle Hunters Have Four Legs and a Keen Sense for Finding Treasure
What if a hike with your dog through the woods yielded a delicious treasure? Nope, not sticks, though your dog might think that is the ultimate reward. Lately, truffle hunters' best assets are their four-legged pals - their dogs! Yup, that's right, with the appropriate training, dogs are the perfect mushroom hunters.
Adventuring with a Deaf Dog
Does a dog still bark at the mail-person if they can't hear him? The answer is still 'yup!', from a deaf dog's owner! Christa adopted Mango from Hearts for Paws Rescue after she fell in love with the hearing-impaired pup...
When Dogs go Missing in the Wilderness

I think we can all agree that having your pup go missing is one of the worst possible things to go through. But with Facebook, Nextdoor, microchips and cell phones, these days we usually see positive outcomes and owners and dogs are reunited within a few hours.

But what about when your dog is lost in the wilderness? Without people around, and more environmental dangers, things can seem bleak. Enter Wendy, of Tahoe PAWS and TLC 4 Furry Friends.

Surf's Up, Dog!
A dog that surfs? Yup, you read that right! Faith the Surfing Pitbull just competed in her 1000th surf competition, Surf Dogs, where she won first place in the tandem division. Go Faith! Faith and her owner, James, sat down...
First Responder Therapy Dogs
2021 fire season has been a rough one for Wilderdog here in Northern California. We certainly had a heightened awareness of wildfires after the Tamarack Fire and then the Caldor Fire forced us to evacuate our homes. We have unending gratitude to the incredible first responders who saved our community - fire fighters, police officers, aircraft operators, utility workers, paramedics, and everyone else who worked their tails off. We also learned about another type of first responder, one with four paws and a tail, and they are First Responder Therapy Dogs!
Cragdoggin' with Pro Climber Sasha DiGiulian (+ Moose)

If you're not in the rock climbing world, you might not know who Sasha DiGiulian is, but I'll bet you're familiar with the little rock climbing emoji - 🧗. That, my friends, is Sasha herself. (If you are a climber, you most definitely know who Sasha is). But we're really here for Sasha's dog, Moose-Chaga!

Legend, the NYC Bomb-Sniffing Dog
Meet Legend, a three-year-old Golden-Lab who loves belly rubs, food, and sleeping on his human parents’ bed. On a Saturday walk in New York City with his human mom, Legend greets everyone he sees. People passing by remark on how...
Jamie, Jake, and Red - Meet the Revelstoke K9 Search and Rescue Team

The avalanche dogs might be the cutest employees at the ski resorts, but they are some seriously hard workers.

We (virtually) met up with Jamie, a ski patroller and avalanche dog trainer in Revelstoke, British Columbia. She has been training working dogs for over 10 years, and is a mentor to the new upcoming dog handlers in Revelstoke. Jamie was previously a patroller at Revelstoke Mountain Resort and now operates her dogs through Revelstoke Search and Rescue - outside of the resort, any place in the area that needs assistance. (Quite a large space with big mountains!)

Meet Puma, the African Anti-Poaching K9 Unit

While most of our dogs' jobs include lounging on the sofa, begging for treats, and putting up with too many snuggles, some dogs have actual jobs. Service dogs, K9 dogs, search and rescue dogs, the list of dogs with cool jobs goes on. Have you ever heard of a conservation dog doing important anti-poaching work? We hadn't either, until we met Puma!

We sat down (virtually, on opposite sides of the world), with Puma and his owner James to find out more about what this incredible dog does.

Helping Paws: Therapy + Emotional Support Dogs
Dogs have been lending a helping paw to humans for thousands of years. Herding, search and rescue, retrieving... But it's no secret that dogs also have a real talent for emotional support. Who hasn't come home after a long day,...
But, don't you want to adopt them all?
Our good friend Adrienne has fostered over TWENTY dogs in the past two years. She works with Hearts for Paws (our April Purchase for a Pound recipient) to pull the neediest dogs from shelters to give them a place to rest while they find their forever home.