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Adventuring with a Deaf Dog

Does a dog still bark at the mail-person if they can't hear him? The answer is still 'yup!', from a deaf dog's owner! Christa adopted Mango from Hearts for Paws Rescue after she fell in love with the hearing-impaired pup after a short time fostering her. Christa and her partner Nick have an adult dog named Cinco they adopted from Hearts for Paws, and were looking for a buddy for him. They had the opportunity to foster Mango and her hearing sister, Papaya, until she found her forever home. Christa says, "Mango’s deafness was disclosed by the rescue. I knew that we would be patient with her training and committed to giving her the best home possible." Christa happened to...

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When Dogs go Missing in the Wilderness

I think we can all agree that having your pup go missing is one of the worst possible things to go through. But with Facebook, Nextdoor, microchips and cell phones, these days we usually see positive outcomes and owners and dogs are reunited within a few hours. But what about when your dog is lost in the wilderness? Without people around, and more environmental dangers, things can seem bleak. Enter Wendy, of Tahoe PAWS and TLC 4 Furry Friends.

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Surf's Up, Dog!

A dog that surfs? Yup, you read that right! Faith the Surfing Pitbull just competed in her 1000th surf competition, Surf Dogs, where she won first place in the tandem division. Go Faith! Faith and her owner, James, sat down with us to give us the scoop on what life is like for a competitive canine surfer. Thanks so much for answering our questions and letting us get to know you guys a bit better! Wilderdog: How and when did Faith get into surfing? Faith (James): It was the summer of 2013, and I was volunteering as a Surf Dog Instructor for the Helen Woodward Animal Center, introducing other peoples' dogs to surfing. After the final lesson of the summer,...

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