The Weekly Woof Blog

Episode 19: How Do You Walk Your Dog?
For Stephanie, Nelly, and Enzo, 'mountain strolls' look a little bit different. The dogs carry all their gear in their Wilderdog Backpacks while their owner rides her dirt bike alongside them. The best part? The summit views, for sure.
Episode 18: Canoe Co-Captains
Sun's out, canoe's prepped, time for another day of chilling out on the lake. Hemi gives Christa a 7/10 for paddle skills, and an 11/10 for pets. Another perfect day on the water for these besties. And of course, they never leave shore without their Wilderdog gear.
Episode 17: Small Legs, Big Adventures
Percy shows us that it's not the size of the dog that matters, it's the fun of the adventures. Come along with Percy and Mat as they go for a boat, a paddle, and a dirt bike ride together. Bandana, bandeau - hey, whatever keeps you cool! "The point is this: Even those of us with little legs have grand adventures."
Episode 16: My Dad is Rad
"Ready to get shreddy?" Indy and his dad Benoit like to hit the skate park on the weekends. Indy is the perfect skate buddy, and he thinks his dad is the coolest. Come with them to see some sick tricks and good snacks (for the dog).
Episode 12: Winter Braaps
"Windows down; wind in my ears... it's gonna be a GOOD day!" Zephyr loves running alongside his human in the flats when they go sledding. Sometimes she'll even ride right up on the snowmobile! This rad dog stays warm in the cold with her Wilderdog fleece jacket on. Cheers, doggies!
Episode 11: Neptune Doesn't Ski
Pro skier Malou Peterson's dog Neptune wishes she could shred as hard as Malou. But, her legs are a little short for the steep lines and deep pow. They have fun aprés-skiing in the valley anyways while Neptune works on her 360s. Cheers to another great day in the mountains.
Episode 10: Such Little Time for So Many Adventures
Rodney and Piggy brainstorm about what they can get up to today. Paddleboarding, mountain biking, skiing, hiking, or maybe just snoozin' in the house.
Episode 9: 'SUP dog?!
When Moss sees the waterproof gear come out, he knows he's about to go on an adventure to the water.
Episode 8: Evening Fat Tires

Opie's two favorite things: snow and bikes. Actually, make that three - his human.

Episode 7: Ski and (Dog) Party

Why walk the dogs when you can ski the dogs!

Episode 6: Hunter Trains for an Ultra Marathon

Just kidding, he's going for a chill trail run with his human. Well, he calls it a trail run, it's sort of just like a regular run though. Come along on their meander through the woods as we find out that Hunter really is, the best boy.

Episode 5: New Year's Resolutions
It's simple - do more fun stuff with the dogs outdoors! Kelsey loves taking the whole pack to remote locations for hikes. But no hike too small, no views no problems. The dogs just want to be out there with...
Episode 4: Cragdoggin'
Opie tags along with his climber pals for a day at the crag. He does a great job coaching everyone up some hard routes, and maybe spraying some beta too.
Episode 3: Dog Goes Braap
Dirt road, head out the truck window, this means one thing... we're going braaping! Join Zephyr and her bike gang for a chill ride into the British Columbian sunset. Mud is always involved, of course.
Episode 2: Sometimes We Catch Fish
"Sometimes we catch fish. Sometimes we don't. It doesn't really matter to me." Duke brings his three favorite Wilderdog goodies with him: his waterproof collar, leash, and sleeping bag. Duke's human, Anthony, likes to put down the sleeping bag so that Duke has his 'place' when Anthony casts.
Episode 1: Queen of the Mountain
Moka goes fast, and her human Jono, goes big. This might be their best downhill yet.