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How to Find a Dog-Friendly Campsite
Camping with your dog seems as natural as breathing with your lungs, but to our great dismay, dogs aren’t always allowed in all of the places. So, if you’re dead set on bringing your little buddy (and obviously you are) here’s how to find out where you can camp together with your dog.
What is “perfect recall” and why do you need it?
Dogs love to be outside. More than that, they love to run free outside. But while off-leash may be your dog’s natural and preferred state, that doesn’t mean they’re naturally good at being off-leash. Giving your dog the freedom to frolic comes with some inherent risk - think other dogs, wildlife, and distracted drivers. Poor off-leash behavior can pack some pretty heavy consequences. That’s where perfect recall comes in: If you’re going to let your dog roam free - in a safe area! - you need to trust that your dog will be right back at your side when you recall them.
Trail Tips: Staying Safe in the Wilderness

When we think about dangerous animal encounters, grizzlies and cougars usually come to mind, but even a dog who takes off after a squirrel can find itself in a life-or-death situation. Mastering the “emergency down” and “heel” commands will help your dog (and others) stay safe when you come nose to nose with unexpected critters.

Trail Tips: The Blood-Suckers known as TICKS
How to prevent tick bites and what to do if you find a tick on your dog.  Ticks are blood-sucking arachnids that spread a whole host of diseases - what’s not to like? JUST KIDDING, ticks are the worst. And...
The Team's Favorite Hiking Trails
The Wilderdog team shares some of their favorite hiking trails - along with the pros, cons, and some awesome pro-tips should you decide to hike them too! Wherever you hike, don't forget to pack enough food, water, and of course, all the essential Wilderdog gear. Happy Trails!
Hiking 101: Must-Have Gear for Your Dog

Whether it’s your first hike with your dog or you're a seasoned pro, we know that gear matters!  Even if you and your pup have traveled many trails together, it’s likely you’ve found yourself forgetting something a mile down the path. (We’ve all been there!) Not to worry, we've got you covered! We'll dive into the benefits of hiking with your dog, pre-hiking preparations you'll want to consider, and we’ll share the ultimate dog hiking list. You can use this handy packing list to make sure you have all the essentials for your next adventure with your four-legged best friend! 

Trail Etiquette 101: A Guide for Hiking with Your Dog
There are so many reasons why our trails are some of the best places to adventure with our dogs. And on especially great hikes, we're usually not the only ones on the trail - hikers, bikers, backpackers, horseback riders, and of course, dogs, all have the same rights to use the same trails, unless otherwise specified. By being good stewards of the outdoors and following good trail etiquette, we can all enjoy these beautiful spaces together.
Trail Tips: The Dangers of Foxtails for Your Dog & How to Protect Them

The Ugly Hitchhikers. We’re not talking about people on the side of the road looking for a free ride; that might make a little more sense, but what we’re talking about is foxtail grass. These seemingly innocent seeds will catch a ride on anything passing by – a mechanism that has helped them become a highly successful invasive species. You have probably felt one of these pesky weeds in your sock while hiking, and they sure are annoying. But for our dogs, they can be pretty bad news. “The potential to cause serious damage is low, but when it does, it can be catastrophic,” said Dr. Sonni Gilbert, DVM in Heron, Montana.

Staying Hydrated: 3 Ways to Get Your Dog to Drink More Water on Hikes
Summer is almost here, and you and your furry friend have been chomping at the bit to get back on the trail. Hikes are a great way to get your pup the exercise they need while being outdoors. But with the distraction of new surroundings and new smells, your dog might turn their nose to a water break – even if you know they are thirsty.
5 Things to Know Before Backpacking With Your Dog
Whether you’re a seasoned thru-hiker or a first-time adventurer, you want your best friend beside you. We don’t blame you! Katie Houston is an avid thru-hiker, with a goal of hiking 10,000 miles by the time she turns 25. (She's...
Trail Preparedness: Tips from Search and Rescue
So, you’re heading out to the backcountry with your dog. What could go wrong? Well, a lot! We sat down with veteran California Alpine County Search and Rescue Dog handlers Chris and Lisa to find out a bit more about what they do, what their dogs do, and some tips to keep you and your pup safe on the trails.
Our Favorite Campfire Recipes
What's the best thing about camping? The food, obviously! Okay, maybe also the sunrises, wide open spaces, and lack of cell phone reception. We've put together a list of some of our friends' favorite camping recipes and trail snacks. Mostly...
Which leash is best for my dog?

Which leash is best for my dog? Learn a bit more about the function of each leash to see which option is best for your pup.