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Guided by Intuition on Jewell Island

A Trip Report: Lola the pup and her family of two big humans and two little humans brave the Atlantic Ocean for a weekend camping trip by boat. Lola has always been an adventurer at heart. Born in New Zealand, her first boat trip nearly ten years ago had her grinning ear to flapping ear down a remote stretch of New Zealand’s Fiordland coastline. Now that we're back in the States, when we had the chance to take a boat trip in our backyard off the coast of Maine, we couldn’t get out there fast enough.  Maine is home to 4,600 coastal islands, and through the stand up work by the Maine Island Trail Association and other conservation groups, there...

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Legend, the NYC Bomb-Sniffing Dog

Meet Legend, a three-year-old Golden-Lab who loves belly rubs, food, and sleeping on his human parents’ bed. On a Saturday walk in New York City with his human mom, Legend greets everyone he sees. People passing by remark on how friendly Legend is... they have no idea that this outgoing lab has a very important job.  Legend is a bomb sniffing dog in New York City. Legend and his handler James work for MSA Security, training canines and human handlers to work together to detect explosive devices. The training programs focus on creating a deep bond between handler and dog. Each dog is placed with one handler for the entirety of their career. The dog lives with their handler and...

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The Roadtrip We're All Longing For...

Two humans, one dog, the open road, and a nearly COVID-free New Zealand. For most of us, life is still far from normal right now. But there is one little country where things are just about back to the way things were, pre-pandemic... New Zealand! Hellie is a Kiwi, and she's here to share a trip report from her latest road trip with her pup Indie.

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Jamie, Jake, and Red - Meet the Revelstoke K9 Search and Rescue Team

The avalanche dogs might be the cutest employees at the ski resorts, but they are some seriously hard workers. We (virtually) met up with Jamie, a ski patroller and avalanche dog trainer in Revelstoke, British Columbia. She has been training working dogs for over 10 years, and is a mentor to the new upcoming dog handlers in Revelstoke. Jamie was previously a patroller at Revelstoke Mountain Resort and now operates her dogs through Revelstoke Search and Rescue - outside of the resort, any place in the area that needs assistance. (Quite a large space with big mountains!)

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