The Weekly Woof Blog

Episode 6: Hunter Trains for an Ultra Marathon

Just kidding, he's going for a chill trail run with his human. Well, he calls it a trail run, it's sort of just like a regular run though. Come along on their meander through the woods as we find out that Hunter really is, the best boy.

Surf's Up, Dog!
A dog that surfs? Yup, you read that right! Faith the Surfing Pitbull just competed in her 1000th surf competition, Surf Dogs, where she won first place in the tandem division. Go Faith! Faith and her owner, James, sat down...
Episode 5: New Year's Resolutions
It's simple - do more fun stuff with the dogs outdoors! Kelsey loves taking the whole pack to remote locations for hikes. But no hike too small, no views no problems. The dogs just want to be out there with...
Episode 4: Cragdoggin'
Opie tags along with his climber pals for a day at the crag. He does a great job coaching everyone up some hard routes, and maybe spraying some beta too.
First Responder Therapy Dogs
2021 fire season has been a rough one for Wilderdog here in Northern California. We certainly had a heightened awareness of wildfires after the Tamarack Fire and then the Caldor Fire forced us to evacuate our homes. We have unending gratitude to the incredible first responders who saved our community - fire fighters, police officers, aircraft operators, utility workers, paramedics, and everyone else who worked their tails off. We also learned about another type of first responder, one with four paws and a tail, and they are First Responder Therapy Dogs!
Cragdoggin' with Pro Climber Sasha DiGiulian (+ Moose)

If you're not in the rock climbing world, you might not know who Sasha DiGiulian is, but I'll bet you're familiar with the little rock climbing emoji - 🧗. That, my friends, is Sasha herself. (If you are a climber, you most definitely know who Sasha is). But we're really here for Sasha's dog, Moose-Chaga!

Episode 3: Dog Goes Braap
Dirt road, head out the truck window, this means one thing... we're going braaping! Join Zephyr and her bike gang for a chill ride into the British Columbian sunset. Mud is always involved, of course.
Wolf + Dog = Wolfdog
Recently we've seen a number of 'Wolfdog' references pop up (mostly from Instagram influencers). But, are they really wolfdogs, or are they just huskies, who happen to look a little like our canine ancestors? Are wolfdogs even legal? We set out to do the research and figure out what was up with wolfdogs.
Episode 2: Sometimes We Catch Fish
"Sometimes we catch fish. Sometimes we don't. It doesn't really matter to me." Duke brings his three favorite Wilderdog goodies with him: his waterproof collar, leash, and sleeping bag. Duke's human, Anthony, likes to put down the sleeping bag so that Duke has his 'place' when Anthony casts.
Episode 1: Queen of the Mountain
Moka goes fast, and her human Jono, goes big. This might be their best downhill yet.
Trail Preparedness: Tips from Search and Rescue
So, you’re heading out to the backcountry with your dog. What could go wrong? Well, a lot! We sat down with veteran California Alpine County Search and Rescue Dog handlers Chris and Lisa to find out a bit more about what they do, what their dogs do, and some tips to keep you and your pup safe on the trails.
Reel Fun: Sadie goes Fishing
Fishing, with dogs? It might seem unlikely, but Sadie has the skills to make the perfect fishing buddy. She's got some tips for casting with your pup as well!
Are Two Pups are Better Than One?

“I think Chancey is lonely." This was the second time this week my neighbor had told my parents this. I looked over at Chancey, our nine-year-old German Shepherd. She lay curled up like a ball on the front porch. Her ears pricked up when I said her name. I wanted to correct my neighbor—tell her that she was wrong and that Chancey was the happiest dog in the world. But as much as I hated to admit it, my neighbor was right; Chancey was lonely.

Our Favorite Campfire Recipes
What's the best thing about camping? The food, obviously! Okay, maybe also the sunrises, wide open spaces, and lack of cell phone reception. We've put together a list of some of our friends' favorite camping recipes and trail snacks. Mostly...
Powder Floof: A Winter Adventure (Dog) Film
Join Opie, Hunter, Rodney and Yeti as they put our gear to the test, and go for a rip in the Revelstoke pow on boards, skis and sleds! Powder Floof from Pilchard Productions on Vimeo.
Puppy's First Camping Trip
With summer rapidly approaching, if you're anything like us, you're probably already planning this year's epic camping trips. Dogs, of course, get to come along for the best weekend of their lives. This might even be your first summer camping...
Guided by Intuition on Jewell Island
A Trip Report: Lola the pup and her family of two big humans and two little humans brave the Atlantic Ocean for a weekend camping trip by boat. Lola has always been an adventurer at heart. Born in New Zealand,...
Legend, the NYC Bomb-Sniffing Dog
Meet Legend, a three-year-old Golden-Lab who loves belly rubs, food, and sleeping on his human parents’ bed. On a Saturday walk in New York City with his human mom, Legend greets everyone he sees. People passing by remark on how...
The Roadtrip We're All Longing For...

Two humans, one dog, the open road, and a nearly COVID-free New Zealand.

For most of us, life is still far from normal right now. But there is one little country where things are just about back to the way things were, pre-pandemic... New Zealand! Hellie is a Kiwi, and she's here to share a trip report from her latest road trip with her pup Indie.

Jamie, Jake, and Red - Meet the Revelstoke K9 Search and Rescue Team

The avalanche dogs might be the cutest employees at the ski resorts, but they are some seriously hard workers.

We (virtually) met up with Jamie, a ski patroller and avalanche dog trainer in Revelstoke, British Columbia. She has been training working dogs for over 10 years, and is a mentor to the new upcoming dog handlers in Revelstoke. Jamie was previously a patroller at Revelstoke Mountain Resort and now operates her dogs through Revelstoke Search and Rescue - outside of the resort, any place in the area that needs assistance. (Quite a large space with big mountains!)

Her name’s Maggie but she don’t know it
While Katie was hiking the Appalachian Trail last year, a twist of fate left her with a new best furry friend in the middle of the trail. Read Katie's story here about how Thru the husky came to be...