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Surf's Up, Dog!

A dog that surfs? Yup, you read that right! Faith the Surfing Pitbull just competed in her 1000th surf competition, Surf Dogs, where she won first place in the tandem division. Go Faith! Faith and her owner, James, sat down with us to give us the scoop on what life is like for a competitive canine surfer. Thanks so much for answering our questions and letting us get to know you guys a bit better! Wilderdog: How and when did Faith get into surfing? Faith (James): It was the summer of 2013, and I was volunteering as a Surf Dog Instructor for the Helen Woodward Animal Center, introducing other peoples' dogs to surfing. After the final lesson of the summer,...

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Episode 5: New Year's Resolutions

It's simple - do more fun stuff with the dogs outdoors! Kelsey loves taking the whole pack to remote locations for hikes. But no hike too small, no views no problems. The dogs just want to be out there with their favorite person: you! 10' Rope Leash Backpacking Bowl Crap Carrier Welcome to The Weekenders, Dog Adventure Shorts. We follow dogs and their owners on weekend adventures! Some are relaxing days, some extreme. For dogs, we know that every day is the best day ever. Get outside and enjoy the world with yours.

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First Responder Therapy Dogs

2021 fire season has been a rough one for Wilderdog here in Northern California. We certainly had a heightened awareness of wildfires after the Tamarack Fire and then the Caldor Fire forced us to evacuate our homes. We have unending gratitude to the incredible first responders who saved our community - fire fighters, police officers, aircraft operators, utility workers, paramedics, and everyone else who worked their tails off. We also learned about another type of first responder, one with four paws and a tail, and they are First Responder Therapy Dogs!

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