Wilderdog x Jiminy's = 7,000 Lbs of Kibble Donated

Wilderdog x Jiminy's = 7,000 Lbs of Kibble Donated

For the month of August we teamed up with Jiminy’s, a manufacturer of insect protein based dog food and treats, to donate 7,000 pounds of Jiminy’s Good Grub Dog Food to our August Purchase for a Pound recipient, 4 Dog Farm Rescue, a Southern California based rescue that saves and rehabilitates dogs before placing them in their forever homes. This donation provided a three month supply of dog food to 4 Dog Farms and allowed their staff to focus on what they do best (rescue and rehabilitation), without having to worry about the rescue pups’ next meal.

This one big donation will have a major impact on the environment - Jiminy’s uses insect protein instead of traditional animal protein, and insect protein is incredibly sustainable! Raising insects requires significantly less land and water, and emits far fewer greenhouse gasses than raising traditional animal proteins like beef and chicken. Check out the impact that this partnership will have on our collective carbon “pawprint”:

And, we're giving YOU the chance to win free dog food for a year AND the Wilderdog Ultimate Adventure Dog kit!


We’re giving one lucky pup a year’s supply of Jiminy’s Good Grub Dog food (up to 20 pounds per month) and the following Wilderdog gear: Sleeping Bag, Leash, Collar, Harness, Bowl, Kibble Carrier, Bandana, and Poop Bag Holder.

To enter to win, get on Instagram, follow @jiminysforpets and @wilderdog, like this post, and tag a dog parent in the comments (1 comment = 1 entry, unlimited entries). The giveaway ends September 2nd at 11:59pm.

Something Special from Jiminys!

Starting today, Jiminy's is offering all Wilderdog pack members 30% off any order on https://jiminys.com/ with the promo code WILDERDOG30. Check out all of their awesome insect-based kibble for your pup! This code is valid until 9/30/22.


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Would your shelter or rescue love to receive next big kibble donation?

We'd be happy to donate more Jiminy's to our October Purchase for a Pound recipient. To apply for your shelter or rescue to be our next pick, apply here and reference Jiminy's in the comment box. Make sure to let your favorite shelter or rescue know where to apply!