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Wilderdog x Jiminy's = 7,000 Lbs of Kibble Donated
For the month of August we teamed up with Jiminy’s, an insect-based dog food, to donate 7,000 pounds of Jiminy’s Good Grub Dog Food to our August Purchase for a Pound recipient, 4 Dog Farms, a Southern California based rescue that saves and rehabilitates dogs before placing them in their forever homes. This donation provided a three month supply of dog food to 4 Dog Farms and allowed their staff to focus on what they do best (rescue and rehabilitation), without having to worry about the rescue pups’ next meal.
Meet our November Purchase for a Pound recipient... Front Street Shelter!
Wilderdog is based out of Sacramento, California, and we love being able to help shelters and rescues all over the country, and specifically within our own community. Our Purchase for a Pound recipient for the month of November is Front...