Behind the Scenes with our Rope Makers!

Behind the Scenes with our Rope Makers!

Did you know the ropes we use for leashes and collars are designed by us at Wilderdog and some were made right here in California? It's true! We went behind the scenes with our awesome rope makers at their family business to give a glimpse into what went into the finished leashes and collars your pups wear on their adventures.

First, you must greet the resident huskies Nokke and Torin before entering the warehouse!

"Henlo! Welcome to the rope factory! We love ropes!"

Now, lets get down to rope making! Here you see the raw thread -

The threads are then spun together for durability -

Meanwhile, the rope core is spun. This is at the center of every rope, and is actually what gives the rope its strength. The colorful patterns surrounding the core is simply the protective sheath.

Here you can see the Mariner rope being spun around the core.

Check out the reflective tape being woven into the new reflective Islander -

They've got all the Wilderdog ropes going -

Once the sheath is spun around the core, the rope gets coiled up in preparation for the sewing.

Knots are tied and Wilderdog tags are sewn on -

Collars are stitched together -

Resident Border Collie Kai makes sure there are equal pets per knots tied -

Black and White leashes ready to ship out to Wilderdog HQ!

Thanks to this incredible family team for all the awesome Wilderdog rope goods!

And, before leaving the premises, the goats demand some feed as well!

And that's a wrap on the behind the scenes rope tour! We often are asked about our rope, so wanted to show you how our rope leashes and collars were made from scratch with a handmade finish locally in California. By supporting Wilderdog you are supporting small family businesses and ultimately the American dream. Thank you!