Wilderdoggin' at home

Wilderdoggin' at home

They may not really understand why, but our dogs are LOVING having us at home all the time these days. And, we know humans love taking photos and videos of our dogs to document the cuteness (and the craziness). Why not post one and win some free gear?! But, if you’re running out of ideas of how to stay occupied during the increased home time, we’ve got you covered...

1) Backyard Camping
It may not seem glamorous at first, but your backyard has a lot going for it as a camping spot. For one, it offers access to a coffee maker in the morning. It’s also the perfect place to test out all the gear you’ve got for the true backcountry! Maybe you and your dog can weight train in your new backpacks. Or maybe you can both just snuggle up in your sleeping bags and enjoy the fresh air and convenient bathrooms.

2) All Dogs Can Learn New Tricks
This is the perfect time to teach your pup new tricks. Of course there are the more typical “spin”, “roll over”, “speak” and “high five”, but why not shoot for the moon here - we know you've got the time! How about “find the matching sock” or “bring me a beer from the fridge”?

3) Nap-time Olympics
The goal here is to collect a medal for napping on each piece of furniture in your house. Will you have to make the medals yourself? Probably. Will you catch up on all your sleep along the way? Yup! Now, when we say all the furniture, we mean: All. The. Furniture. Obviously the couch and the bed count, but you get extra points for the coffee table, the kitchen counter, the couch ottoman and yes, your dog’s bed. All naps must be taken with your dog. Pictures or it didn’t happen.

4) K-9's Workout Plan
Dogs should be great at yoga. Downward dog, anyone? But we know their real specialty is laying on your yoga mat, while you're trying to do said yoga. Dogs do make great workout partners in other ways too. Pick up your pup to do some weighted squats. Or teach your dog to stand on your back for pushups. Dogs make great yogging partners as well.

5) TikTok Videos
Put some more joy on the internet and share a doggy dance party with the world.

6) Magellan-ing
With ALL THESE WALKS, we've been switching up our routes a bit and learning new areas of our neighborhood. How many miles can those little legs clock in one day?

Now, let's put these dogs to the test for the #wilderdogathome CONTEST!

Show us your best photo or video using the hashtag #wilderdogathome on Instagram for a chance to win a $250 Wilderdog gift card. We're looking for photos or videos showing off what you and your pup have been up to during shelter in place. Creativity is key, so funny/weird/impressive... will all be considered. All photos/videos should be taken in your home, your yard, or in your neighborhood - i.e., no driving to local trailheads.

Good luck, and may the best sheltering-in-place doggo win!

* Enter as many times as you want!
* Your account must be public so we can see the photos/videos
* Open worldwide
* Ends Thursday, April 23rd - the winner's photo or video will be posted on Friday, April 24th.