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Trainer Tips: 3 Ways to Get Your Dog to Walk Better on a Leash

If walking your dog requires you to shift into a whole new headspace - maybe something like “no pain, no gain” - first of all, we applaud your grit and fortitude. But also, your dog could probably use a little help with those leash skills. Dog trainer Corinne Fritzell loves helping dogs and their humans improve their leash skills. She explains what the deal is with dogs and leashes, and give us a few tips on how to make on-leash adventures more fun for you and your dog.

What is “perfect recall” and why do you need it?
Dogs love to be outside. More than that, they love to run free outside. But while off-leash may be your dog’s natural and preferred state, that doesn’t mean they’re naturally good at being off-leash. Giving your dog the freedom to frolic comes with some inherent risk - think other dogs, wildlife, and distracted drivers. Poor off-leash behavior can pack some pretty heavy consequences. That’s where perfect recall comes in: If you’re going to let your dog roam free - in a safe area! - you need to trust that your dog will be right back at your side when you recall them.
Trainer Tips: Teach your Dogs "Place"
How to teach your dog the “place” command - the perfect way to let them know that this Sleeping Bag is their very own place, no matter where it happens to be.