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Adventure Dog Takes Flight

Hey there! My name is Andrew Muse and I’m a professional multi-sport athlete and content creator. Kicker is a 4 year old golden retriever who has been joining me on adventures since the day I brought him home as a puppy. One of his all time favorite adventures to join me on is something you probably wouldn’t think of - flying. Kicker came on his first flight with me when he was about 7 months old in Alaska and has been hooked ever since! My web series “Tiny Home Adventure” focuses on my life on the road with my pup Kicker and girlfriend Ashley. We were filming Season 2 of Tiny Home Adventure out of our 4x4 van and in...

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The Unlikely Silver Lining of a Global Pandemic: Adoptions!

2020... what a year, right? The global pandemic has upended our daily lives and likely changed our world forever. While we are still adapting to the new world around us, our furry best friends have been thriving. With social distancing guidelines and stay at home orders we’ve turned to dogs for love and companionship in a time where it’s needed most. As a result, adoption rates worldwide have soared and animal shelters have developed socially-distanced adoption procedures. One shelter that has done a remarkable job of placing pets while complying to Covid-19 safety guidelines is the Richmond, Virginia SPCA.

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Meet Puma, the African Anti-Poaching K9 Unit

While most of our dogs' jobs include lounging on the sofa, begging for treats, and putting up with too many snuggles, some dogs have actual jobs. Service dogs, K9 dogs, search and rescue dogs, the list of dogs with cool jobs goes on. Have you ever heard of a conservation dog doing important anti-poaching work? We hadn't either, until we met Puma! We sat down (virtually, on opposite sides of the world), with Puma and his owner James to find out more about what this incredible dog does.

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Helping the Homeless and their Dogs

Here at Wilderdog, we are proud to help out homeless dogs through our Purchase for a Pound program. If you're not yet familiar, we donate one pound of kibble for every purchase made on In July we did something a bit different - rather than choose an animal shelter or rescue, we chose a homeless resource center for humans. Loaves and Fishes in Sacramento, California, provides homeless folks in the community with invaluable resources like hot meals, basic healthcare, legal resources, and much more, like Anneke's Haven! Anneke’s Haven is a daytime kennel at Loaves and Fishes that houses the dogs and cats of the homeless guests while they eat, shower, attend medical appointments and access other essential services....

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Oh the Places She Goes!

Mom, dad, two (human) brothers, and a 1978 Mercedes 508D Fire Truck is my home. We embarked on an 18 month trip around the US, heading down towards Argentina. Here is my (Lola the dog's story)...

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