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Clover: The Ranch-Dog-School Flunkout

It's true, Clover flunked out of ranch dog school. I won’t go through a laundry list of her unsuitable qualities for ranch life (but laying down in front of large equipment comes to mind). By the time we adopted her, she was about five, and more of an accessory to the ranch-dog pack than a contributing member of it.

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Introducing... WILDERCAT!

The time has come for cats to be recognized as the ferocious forest beasts they are. They're ready to let the world know - enough is enough! They deserve the same outdoor adventures their canine brothers get. Thru-hikes, backcountry ski trips, lake swims... these cats want in. No more staying inside your studio apartment, left alone to play with an old cardboard box about to get tossed in the recycling bin. So maybe they get an occasional nip of the cat nip... big deal. They know your stuff is better. And that fancy feast you think is making their day, it isn't even all that fancy! These house lions have banded together with one single petition, handed over to...

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FREE Camping Mug!

Camping season is upon us! Get your free Wilderdog Rise and Shine mug with any leash or collar purchase, today (3/22/19) only!

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Camping with the Canines!

Camping season is just around the corner! Whether you're car camping or backpacking, there are always a few extra steps to take when your canine friends come along for the adventure. Our friends Miranda and Loki are here with some tips on how to successfully get your pup out there in your tent, whether you're driving in or hiking in. Happy trails!

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