Hi, we're Wilderdog!

Hi, we're Wilderdog!

It’s nice to meet you! We decided it's about time to introduce ourselves and tell you a bit about us in our very first blog post! We're excited to be starting a weekly blog, tentatively called 'The Weekly Woof' where we share ideas, tell stories, and talk about adventuring with dogs!

It’s probably not a surprise, but the idea of Wilderdog started around a crackling campfire on a typical weekend summer camping trip in Northern California circa 2015. We're a small group of three friends, often outnumbered by dogs, always camping, climbing, skiing, biking, and seeking adventure. And we found ourselves without durable leashes, collars and gear. Often times, retired climbing rope or old webbing or cordelette was how we kept a handle on our dogs and to abide by any leash laws. From here, our original leash idea was born.

Meet the official Wilderdoggos - Nina, Charlie, and Bucco!

Nina, Buck + Chuck were all adopted from local shelters and rescues, and we might be a biased, but they're THE BEST! The shelters are full of best boys and girls and we encourage everyone to adopt, don't shop for your furry friends. The kids don't have their own Instagram, but you'll see them from time to time on the official Wilderdog Instagram!

We're really excited about where we've been, and where we've yet to go. We are endlessly thankful to all of our incredible customers over the past three years; you’ve all inspired us to keep pursuing our dreams and we’re looking forward to many adventures ahead!

What would you like us to post about? Tell us what topics you'd like us to cover in our future blog posts - info@wilderdog.com. Looking forward to hearing from you!