Astral Hound: Personalized Dog Birth Chart
Astral Hound: Personalized Dog Birth Chart

Astral Hound: Personalized Dog Birth Chart

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Fetch a glimpse into your dog’s very soul!

Get to know your dog on the deepest possible level (the soul level) with our brand new Astral Hound Personalized Dog Birth Chart. We’ve teamed up with renowned canine astrologist and Wag Zodiac Academy Founder Madame Golda von Papillon to offer detailed birth charts completely customized for your dog.

All you need is the exact date, time, and location of your dog’s birth, along with their mother’s maiden name.

The Astral Hound Personalized Dog Birth Chart is 100% guaranteed to:

  • Give you life-changing insight into your dog's unique personality
  • Help you understand how to properly motivate your dog during training
  • Uncover your dog’s true life path, including ideal career (or lack thereof)
  • Identify your dog’s potential behavioral challenges & social conflicts
  • Highlight the best colors for your dog based on the alignment of the stars and planets at the exact moment of their entry into the world (helpful when purchasing collars, leashes, bandanas, and basically everything)
  • Raise your coworkers’ eyebrows

What’s included?

When you purchase the Astral Hound Personalized Dog Birth Chart, you’ll receive a *personalized* copy of Astral Hound: Your Personalized Dog Birth Chart, created just for your dog by Madame Golda von Papillon's Wag Zodiac Academy. You’ll also receive a solid gold (plated) 0.5x telescope, a real crystal ball (paperweight), and other mysterious charms and trinkets, all in a beautiful, “engraved” box.

Until 11:59 p.m., this incredible opportunity can be yours for just $499.99 (reg. $599.99).

Add a Compatibility Report for just $69.99 to see whether you and your dog were destined to be together!

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