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National Parks With the Pups

Here in the U.S., we enjoy access to over sixty wilderness areas protected as National Parks. That’s 84 million acres of jaw-dropping vistas filled with mountains, canyons, streams, forests, and meadows, all over the country. That’s enough to get anyone’s exploration blood pumping! And if you’re like us, exploring these areas just wouldn’t be the same without your (wilder)dog.

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Small Apartments, Big City Living (with Big Dogs)!

If we asked our dogs where their number one choice to live is, we know their first answer would be 'wherever you are'! Well, they would probably prefer living leash-free on BLM land, chasing small animals and pooping wherever they want (but only if we were there, too). However, us humans live in all different types of places, ranging from small city apartments to big cabins with tons of forestland. And, dogs can thrive anywhere! Some just require a little more planning to make them happy. Meet Aimee + Bolt, the pitbull rescue living in San Francisco, and making small homes with big dogs work out incredibly well.

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Behind the Scenes with our Rope Makers!

Did you know the ropes we use for leashes and collars are designed by us at Wilderdog and made right here in California? It's true! We went behind the scenes with our awesome rope makers at their family business to give a glimpse into what goes into the finished leashes and collars your pups wear on their adventures.

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Big Adventures + Big Responsibilities: Being Good Stewards of our Environment

Here are Wilderdog, we are ALL ABOUT getting out there with your pups. Peak-bagging, alpine-swimming, pow-slashing days are what it's all about. But with these big adventures comes big responsibility, and we all need to do our part to become good stewards of our environment - taking care of our incredible lands and insisting others do the same so we have these special places for years to come.

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