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Solo Camping: Just a Woman + Her Dog

Solo adventuring teaches you to disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself and with nature. It reminds you to find happiness in the simple things. It hones in on your skills and shows you where you can work to improve. And it most definitely builds your confidence.

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Helping Paws: Therapy + Emotional Support Dogs

Dogs have been lending a helping paw to humans for thousands of years. Herding, search and rescue, retrieving... But it's no secret that dogs also have a real talent for emotional support. Who hasn't come home after a long day, put their arms around their dog, and suddenly felt worlds better? As dogs' ability to provide emotional support became more established, we started training them for exactly that. Today, both therapy dogs and emotional support dogs are specifically trained to provide the unique calming and therapeutic benefits that only dogs can. But what’s the difference between therapy dogs and emotional support dogs? What are they trained to do and where are they allowed to go with their owners? We sat...

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Trailrunning with Pippin

Hey guys, my name is Emily and I am a distance runner based in Auburn, California. Recently, I introduced my dog Pippin to trail running. I’d like to take you along with us on one of our adventures... The sun sets on a cool summer evening as Pippin and I drive down the twisting dirt to our favorite running trail. This evening, Pippin and I are running in the American River Canyon which is only a short drive from our North Auburn home. Pippin wags her tail when she sees the trailhead. She is eager to start our evening adventure. Pippin is a six-month-old German Shepherd puppy and true to the GSD’s stereotype —a tornado of energy. Pippin wiggles in...

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Tales of a failed SUPing adventure

With Amos by my side, I resolved to do things differently with him. I would no longer wait for an ideal time in my life to chase adventure with him... wait for some mystical time when I had time and money and all the other things we think we need to begin living.

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