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Tales of a failed SUPing adventure

With Amos by my side, I resolved to do things differently with him. I would no longer wait for an ideal time in my life to chase adventure with him... wait for some mystical time when I had time and money and all the other things we think we need to begin living.

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But, don't you want to adopt them all?

Our good friend Adrienne has fostered over TWENTY dogs in the past two years. She works with Hearts for Paws (our April Purchase for a Pound recipient) to pull the neediest dogs from shelters to give them a place to rest while they find their forever home.

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Wilderdoggin' at home

They may not really understand why, but our dogs are LOVING having us all at home more these days. And we know you love having more time with your four-legged best friend too! But if you’re running out of ideas of how to stay occupied during the increased home time, we’ve got you covered.

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