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Hiking With Your Four-Legged Friend

“Do you want to go on a hike?” You've got a lucky dog if they respond with complete and utter joy! Alex and her huskies love to explore the hiking trails in their home state of Utah, and she's here to share a few tips for happy trail dogs.

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Meet our November Purchase for a Pound recipient... Front Street Shelter!

Wilderdog is based out of Sacramento, California, and we love being able to help shelters and rescues all over the country, and specifically within our own community. Our Purchase for a Pound recipient for the month of November is Front Street Shelter. They are an open municipal shelter serving the City of Sacramento. Front Street is also responsible for Animal Control and the investigation of animal cruelty in the city. Front Street takes in over 11,000 animals a year and relies on our community to save as many as possible. Meet Arthur! He is our first featured pup of the month (and we've got a lot of pups to feature)! Arthur is a four year old Pit Bull mix who...

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